is it me seeing this many shades of green, or have i just breathed enough,




Sometimes you need to just get away from your tags. Is it that play list againa?

Ot is it the thing that I was at the point –.

Yeah, sometimes the timelines just overlap and you feel the moments as if you are in the same–.

It all starts with an unknown breezing, then to a moment where the venue is filled with unfamilyar and the known sources of –.


The tags, srsly, this musics or the rythme, by the time you can't differ you're 6 at the point. Tokyo. wher' the lights are distrubing as the society –.

Sory for my abstractness. Yeah , that's a word, welcome to the universe. Well, if you are –.

Yeha, somtimes permutations also don't help, but grammar do.

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