in Sweden

I have been living in Sweden for eighteen days but I want to tell something about my life here so far. I am studying Computer Science in [University of Skövde] ( and living in Skövde. The adaption process was very easy for me because in Sweden everything is organized well. I faced any problem with neither moving nor registering to the university.

Skövde is a beautiful city. It is silence and I think It is a wonderful city for studying. I usually walk to school and the other places like grocery, etc.. But you can also ride a bicycle.

The best thing about Skövde is travelling to other cities in Sweden I guess. It is located at very middle of the [country] (övde/@58.4002669,13.8598875,6z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x465b023d3a4c413d:0x817d30b9033d4604?hl=en) and between two lakes named [Vänern] (änern) and [Vättern] (ättern). You can go to the Stockholm by two hours, to the Gothenburg by one and a half hour, to the Malmö by four hours by fast train.
In Sweden everyone talks English pretty well. That helps you a lot of until you learn Swedish. And the education is very qualified and advanced in Sweden. These are the reasons why I chose Sweden.

As a student and a tourist l want to share my experiences to my friends, to the future students who will study in Sweden.

Greetings from Sweden!

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