How come one can explain with all these –?

Once a person approaches by and asks why would one ask that many questions.

Inhales, and then replies with another question; how would you find the true –(noun) otherwise?

Then gets comfortable in her seat and thinks about what has happened. With all these cencorship to thoughts approaching from the closest to the furthest circles, she thinks how to word a word. Words goes by, paragraphs gets older and venues tell that sometimes you might not need to talk. If two wires resonance at the same frequency; if two electrons spin at the similar altitudes; they once become one and always get separated.

It is all about this unstoppable flow. But the problem is she says; where to flow this potential to?

Another moment of silence follows while silhouettes dance, music makes shadows of tones, people enlighten each other with smiles.

How to forward to the back and rewind to the future, gets to be asked. Then the producer queue outputs the next stdout relentlessly; How to align these timelines though?.

Is it so obvious? When you feel so vibrant and not tell a word. Is it the question?

Glasses get filled, lights get blurrier; lines get grayer, chairs get unstable. One after another, the guy thinks; if I am the producer, I wonder how I can consume this many questions coming one by one and many by one. If I am the consumer, how can I produce this many feelings, told at once in a linked-list where the next one doesn't even know about the previous one. They don't care if the consumer has consumed enough for that night and on top of that they output their feelings regardless of the reactions of the receiver. Is this the harmony? gets to be asked as an icebreaker to the environment where there is nothing but the universes of experiences of years of cities of eyes of heards and sights.

That's the thing isn't it?

If the one get to know about the previous reference; that's the –.

Layers of minimalism follows by a lined lines of sentence lines where each line followed by a beautifully captured moment of the loved mindset in which some might see the future and some might get to the misperception of a –.

Then he asks, where can expose all these – that I have just heard. How come everyone becomes so bordered and with a perfect mix of feelings consisting of a tone of gorgeous notes alongside a perfect hour make them such unbordereds?

Next time.