Karnıma giren sancılarla mı başlasam yoksa başa dönen ruhumla mı bilemiyorum çoğu zaman. Boğazımda düğümlenen kelimeler çoğu zaman başka şekillerde dışarı çıksa da bitmiyor.


Meanings I put in the frames of a very high resolutiated video. The more I observe the more I mean. Since the society made the am as am, there is nothing in particular the feel the other way where I don’t say.


I didn’t see, I didn’t read and I didn’t see. Just in previous tab lies my life and live do I in the next.

The coach

Sometimes it takes infinite amount of time to walk in a desert with empty roads, lies, and fake friendships to lead to nothing.


Hey, is it me seeing this many shades of green, or have i just breathed enough,


Sometimes you just hear the feeling of the neighbourhood which you might have walked at leat hundred times but still it warns you against the potential of the accumulated sensations.

Vice versa

Sometimes I think, often times I write. Then I ask what is it all about. But this time seriously.Then I test, and listen. Listening voices from stars, then hopping to a starcraft, wandering around, looking back to the universes. Sometimes I see patterns. In my universes.