It took a while for me to think that I am an outlier to my local community and most of the people I have involved with in school, home and office. After living two decades in this community and coming up with this idea is interesting though. To fully understand and grasp it with all the aspects I wanted to write it down.

First I wanted to understand what an outlier is.
In Cambridge Dictionary:
a person, thing, or fact that is very different from other people, things, or facts, so that it cannot be used to draw general conclusions.

And in statistics:
An outlier is an observation that lies outside the overall pattern of a distribution.

And that question appeared in my mind:
How come a person comes up with an idea of being an outlier to his community where he went through the same education system, he is grown up by similar resources with all the other people?

I think it all starts with questioning. Questioning the way how things are taken into account and done. Besides questioning if you are in the small percentage of people who thinks out loud when questioning, welcome to the club. It's the case because from a superior's perspective you are breaking an ongoing system even though you intended to make it better at first place by questioning responsibly.

So, how come "questioning things" could be taken from us to when it is the only way we learned things at first place? Think of a kid, he asks everything, relevant or irrelevant. She tries to grasp why on earth that curtain is floating near windows.

I believe in importance of communication. Whatever I do, I try to build a strong communication with my teammates, colleagues and superiors. In essence it is the only way we can exchange ideas, build a product and engagement in a company or family. With that in mind, seeing communication channels are really weak in the companies and families, I can't stand without questioning. This has not to be in this way.

Moreover, even though I find people who agree with me about improving things such as communication channels etc. they only listen and agree. Nothing more. Since you are the only one who wants to change something concretely, most of the time just little things with little effort, you become marked.

I have been advised from multiple friends that I need to stay silent and not to do something. But they do not realise one thing, at the end of the day I am the one who is blocked from completing a task because of a lacking of communication with the manager or designer.

Other than this communication example, I believe having people who think, dress or believe differently in your neighbourhood, is a wealth. As far as I can understand being an outlier is really hard in a community where people force you to be same as others.