Sometimes you just hear the feeling of the neighbourhood which you might have walked at leat hundred times but still it warns you against the potential of the accumulated sensations.

And then you go back and forth towards the exhaling and inhaling until the light turns of at the edge of the feeling where you see the best companion in this

I am not even sure if I am supposed to be –.

Well yeah. Sometimes some of the universes makes you feel like you may be finding one of the wires where you may play along with the vibes of the music until it finis(–).

The moment. It's all about the moment where you branch to the next universe. Isnt' it, I mean, sometimes you feel like to be felt alone and sometimes you nned to feel like as if you are in the –.

Well, whatsoever, so once upon a time, this said, walks by the canals where the character has already passed at least thousands times. But that's the thing, Six letters wouldn't mean this much unless you put it in the way. I know, it always leads towards to the sixth but what I mean is that, sometimes you'd have some routes and paths you'd follow. Those kind of things sometimes randomly type before you'd even type.

And then you'd like to ask because, he'd realize this isn't said typing.