I will tell you a story of a part time student and a part time software developer from Istanbul.

Until a few days ago if you had asked me what my development area was, i would have said  'macosx 10.8, xcode 5, php 5.4 or linux 10.6 etc..' But i see that my ideas are changed. I think development is a serious process and it requires a lot of things to be successful. So a development area is more than tools or programs that you use for developing. If you pay attention you will see that behind of any well-done project there is an optimized system. For instance your motivation must be good in order to focus on your task. Or you should be well-rested to finish your task properly. These are just examples and there are a bunch of factors those affect your motivation.

If you want to work less and produce more you should work efficiently. What is efficiency? I describe efficency as to organize things well. I mean you must know what to do in any time interval in your daily life. And if you have limited time i need to tell you that you have not another option.

Another thing i learned was development area does not only contain just your office or your computer but also contains distance between your home and office as well. Which makes us to think about development environment. In Istanbul i have to go about 35 kilometeres to arrive my office. This means a significant amount of time loss. And when you realize what you could do in that lost time, you think something seriously. Moreover you usually get home later and you have to wake up earlier than your friends. Also you will rarely wake up as full-rested.

I do not know what conditions are like in other countries but here 24 hours is not sufficient to accomplish my daily stuff. I mostly think that i need six more hours to feel okay at least. I thought about moving another place that is closer to my office but i could't make it because of some reasons. If you have a stable job and don't think to change your company in the near future, find yourself somewhere that is close to your office if it is possible. Another problem that i face everyday is traffic. I agree with that traffic is very common problem across the world. But when you wait about one hour in the traffic every morning, it's impossible to hit the ground running. Naturally it affects your whole day.

As a conclusion; if you receive a job offer, i recommend you to think twice about all of these development environment. Don't only see benefits of the offer but also discuss what this job might take away from you with yourself. Analyse the main factors those have control over your daily life and welfare. Care about life quality of your development area.