In this article I will tell you what I have experienced in Oslo a few days earlier. I am writing this article now because I have just been able to gather all the moments together and put them into words.

Me and three of my friends visited to Oslo last weekend. A very bad thing happened at friday night. Everything started with three of us decided to have coffee after a very long, tiring day and listen to a street musician at the heart of the Oslo, the street just opposite of the Oslo central-station. After a while, a man turned into the street from nothing and came close to the us. He spoke english and said: \"Here is messy, don't you think? I don't like this place at all.\" And we said: \"No everything is fine, we have liked Oslo so far.\" This was the test number one. They were testing us to understand whether we were tourist or not. Then within 10 minutes we decided to go to home. But the first test wasn't so clear so that after walking two or three minutes another man approached by behind of us with a speed and talked Norwegian. We replied him that we didn't understand him. This was the test number two. We had passed all the tests so far about being tourists.

I got used to this situation because of the Istanbul. So I thought okay, this can happen in anywhere and let's be careful and get to home. After walking fifteen minutes we crossed a small bridge and it was like 9pm. We were talking to each other and walking in the same time. Suddenly, I realized a black man was approaching to us. I said to my friends hey guys I think this man is just following us, let's get slower and test him. After I said this we slowed down and stopped in a bus stop. Then ten meters away he stopped. I looked him in the eyes for a second and said to my friends let's turn back and find some help. Once we changed our direction he changed his as well. I was hoping to find a police officer. Then I saw the restaurant in the corner and we got in. While we were getting in, the guy following us, stared at one of my friend.

I talked to waiter and explained the situation. He said: "Okay find a place to sit. I will help you." We sat down and waited for a minute. Then another waiter approached and talked to me in Turkish. I was glad in that very moment. I quickly explained the situation to him one more time and then he offered us to pick us up to home. And he did. I thanked him so much.

The worst thing was not being followed but not to understand the situation at the first moment. It has been three days and now I realize some details. We were followed by an organised-group. The Turkish guy who picked us up said that it was just only the black man at the beginning but after that there were two people after we got into restaurant. They tested us, they observed us and then they took action. The first guy seemed to be harmless but every single one of them was bad. And this happened at 9pm in friday night! In northern countries they can close their malls at 5pm. You may not find even a bread after 8pm. Oslo was just like that. There were just a couple of people in the street at that hour.

So wherever you are just be careful. It can be Istanbul, Oslo or another cosmopolitan city. This is the problem of the big and cosmopolitan cities. I thanked god that we got over from this bad experience with a huge help of the Turkish guy.

This link explains a lot about the how travelling can be dangerous if you don't be aware of the situation.

As a final word I strongly suggest you to stay safe!