Hej hej! It's Said.


How come one can explain with all these –? Once a person approaches by and asks why would one ask that many questions.


Have you ever been disturbed by the topics? Have you ever rushed into the feelings flow over so that you can't resist by typing in a pace that no one can catch?


Seriously though. What is it throttling the throat? The silence? How come cannot we not hear a single bit when everybody screams?


Dimensions i create. That I live in and percept. Bigger games that i were created in, those i -role-play. Let me not ruin the ambiance. Horizons we see, meanings we put in time and room.

Being An Outlier

It took a while for me to think that I am an outlier to my local community and most of the people I have involved with in school, home and office.

Machine Learning with Python

Hello all, This time I wanted to write a technical post. In Computer Engineering Department(CED) of Yildiz Technical University(YTU), as students we are required to complete two projects to graduate from the university.