Hej hej! It's Said.

Being Loyal

In this post that I've created the first draft of it couple of months(!) earlier, I'd like to write about how being a loyal user affects our life.

Psychological Moments

Everything started five or six years ago as I remember first times. It is about a feeling happens to me sometimes independent from place or time.


We create things in different fields and circumstances. Some of them get appreciated by society. Some of them don't.

One problem of big cities

In this article I will tell you what I have experienced in Oslo a few days earlier. I am writing this article now because I have just been able to gather all the moments together and put them into words.


I hate discredit things. Many out of there may think in that way but my aim is show some differences and what we've forgotten in this post.

In Sweden

I have been living in Sweden for eighteen days but I want to tell something about my life here so far. I am studying...