Dimensions i create. That I live in and percept.

Bigger games that i were created in, those i -role-play. Let me not ruin the ambiance. Horizons we see, meanings we put in time and room.

Huge cities with pawns, small towns with humans. Minus degrees under the sun, meaningfulless days to satisfy.

Observations i make, sight i am able to sight. Languages not yet to be created. Transmissions to be made whichare inapprehensible.

Lines to be coded. Strings to be aligned. Permutations to be permuted. Reflection of time on execution schedule. Subjects to be deallocated, loops to be run. Lifecycles to be assembled, to be parented.

Living in a small glimpse of a infinite branches and travelling to the source. Combining infinity with finite faces, finite cities and ecosystem. The more i checkout to the branch the more lands to be loaded. The more lands to be created may there be a unique feeling of the same underlying substance.

Feeling throu few fired connections. Seeing throu mutable ordered array of endless possibilities'. Opening rooms, assigning to ampersands, calculating sizes of kinds. Ending up in specific links of: biased channels of: weighted inputs of: stored memories alongside an assigned state.

Gathering flavours together to understand a moment. Converting concrete vibrations to waves, then to a digital, then to a pressure, then to a chemical, then crossing fingers to see it arrive to the destination port. Hoping for fire, willing parcels to be met with precise components to enjoy the second via forms of material. Names to be named then.

Maıntaınıng hıerarchıes by feedıng the superıor, ınputtıng the latter, ınfectıng the successor, readıng the next, consumıng the new, regulatıng the ırregularıty.

Eightining the bits, reducting the aspects, generating the colors, to share the reflection of random parameters called moment with other creations.

.regularity another create to order the corrupting, ideas build to overriding

that's that and it's it and here is this; there is that.