We create things in different fields and circumstances. Some of them get appreciated by society. Some of them don't.

In my opinion the most important thing in our lives that plays a huge role in what we create is pressure. People who try to create something without their willings usually can't sum up with a good result. If you don't want to create something then don't, because it's just about you. This can be imaginary but believe me in the end it's worth it once you decide what to do.

I have started looking at humans, products, photographs in this perspective most recently. If you can wake up without any concern about yourself or your work it's where you are belong to. You can create original, beautiful stuff only there. It's where you can think freely and discrete. Having your time is an ordinary right of you, then why is that hurry? In time thoughts get shaped and mature. In time you can observe. Observing is a good step in way to succeed. And sometimes you just create nothing. In those times enjoy rest of your life. Have secondary or tertiary profession to do and spend some time without creating.