Everything started five or six years ago as I remember first times. It is about a feeling happens to me sometimes independent from place or time.

Have you ever felt like you're wandering around a place you know during a day? It is like you are working on something or watching a TV show but in the background of your mind, you think that you are at somewhere else.

I used to go to school by bus when I was in high school and over four years I memorized very deeply the route of the bus every single morning and evening. After I got to home I was feeling as if I am still on the bus and turning same corner to join to the highway. Back then this was normal because I was living the same moment -at least- twice a day, five days a week. So there was a chance that it could hold a place in my mind and becoming a habit that I did in weekdays.

After all years, it continued. Sometimes I was in the road I used to walk to language course or sometimes I was in that narrow street I used to use for shortcut to the station. Most of them was happening in different places and different times. And it works like you wake up in the morning and while you wash your face or as you have your breakfast it starts. At the beginning you memorize you are at somewhere that you have been at least once. After that, each time it happens during the day you find yourself in somewhere close to the very first place you memorized first in the morning at the beginning of 'moment's.

I think about it a lot. About why it is happening or how to stop it but since then I have not found a solution to this. I have long suspected about having a psychological disease or a condition. As time passed I learned to live with it. I tried to explain someone about this but I am not sure if I explained it well. Because this feeling, I don't know how I can find the words to explain precisely and neither have I idea how to google it or search it somewhere else.

Next thing I am going to do is to write the places I will feel that I am going to wander around. Maybe I'd find a pattern among them.

I hope someone out there shows up and joins me about this feeling or names it.

Thank you for reading my moments.