I hate discredit things. Many out of there may think in that way but my aim is show some differences and what we've forgotten in this post.

I've learnt that I can have the right of way in traffic as long as I walk in a pedestrian crossing in Sweden, if there isn't any traffic lights. That's how it should be of course. But you may not have a chance to cross the street even if you'd stand in a pedestrian crossing in Turkey. You may have to wait till cars go by. Anyway, while I was standing and waiting for the cross the street in a pedestrian crossing a couple days ago, saw a car coming. But it was so fast that I thought it can't stop for me. That was okay because I had time. Then suddenly, he stopped within twenty meters and I shocked. If I'm not wrong he was coming with a speed approximately 60 kph.

Basically he didn't do any special things. He just followed the rules. But it means me a lot.

Where you live is very important thing that affects your behaviours. I think in Turkey, we've forgotten respect. It's very simple, based on following the common rules. As long as you do, you'll respect to others. Rules are exist because of this fact. We're sharing same air, same streets, same society. So why wouldn't we live better instead of breaking the rules?