Our view is restricted. Especially if you are a workaholic. I used to be. That is because I did not realise how big the world is. Behaviours can not change in whipstitch but however mines are changed. I become completely new person in short period of my life. I used to love to work, code to late hours but now I see that was not good at all.

About nine months ago I made a decision. I think that decision was the most beautiful and wiseliest choice of my recent three years. I decided to study in abroad with an opportunity my university offered. I was usually complaining about how time is insufficient while I was in my home. I was working unproductive and I think my mental health was getting worse. As soon as I started living abroad something started to change. One of best things about being abroad is you see so many things. You are getting able to see other cultures and lives beyond boundaries. You came across many natural beauties.

Rest of the world is very beautiful. You should just get up and plan a trip to closest beauty or a place you have never seen before. Doing the same things in free times for example wasting time in front of a computer is probably the worst thing in list of what you can do else in that time. Just get out of your home and see something new.

Life is too short. There are a lot of places to see, a lot of people to meet, a lot of moments to live. Once you have got the opportunity do not miss it!