Sometimes I think, often times I write.
Then I ask what is it all about. But this time seriously.Then I test, and listen. Listening voices from stars, then hopping to a starcraft, wandering around, looking back to the universes. Sometimes I see patterns. In my universes. Then I get to realize one can create multiple universes by just listening. Even the word itself lists everything and compasses towards another universe.

The question appears then:
Is this also going to lead to the -(adj) society’s universe again?

Then hearing the scratches coming from the feelings remembered. Then I lose the state by just eating and then observing the observers and disturbing the comfortables who sits and tells all day long about rules to live, ways to feel, aspects to approach, paths to follow.


Then I ask; How many universes have you been at?

A moment of thinking approaches where you feel the universes in the tunnels of enzymes and synapses. Then the next question borns:

How come one can understand another universe if the one even hasn’t understood its own one yet?

Btw am I the one who is thinking these, or the way I was designed, analyzed, tested and shipped making me doing this?

I break patterns as much as I love them. As the pattern of a northern rooftop or the pattern of sidewalks or the regularity of data floating around.

Then it comes again; If I were to enter to the irregularity, wouldn’t I be scared?

If you were to know what is next, I say to myself, then you would be comfortable. That is the reason which drives me to not to get cozy about something. I also love the way same thoughts can produce this many lives and universes and conflicts and differences.

Isn’t that the place where while similarity score approaches to one difference score approaches to the one as well?

Isn’t it the case where you find the exact same mindset you also become the loneliest?

This is the case because if you ever get to the circle of same then you enter another regularity. But.

Weren’t we the ones who were striving for irregularity all along?

Sometimes the answers doesn’t tell any more than what questions ask. Those moments are necessary and cruical.

The only problem is, while expressing the irregular universes I am also using the regularized expressions where a tiny subset of a huge universe is defined.

If I were the define an undefined thing then that would also be a part of the regularity.

Then can we say that the more you look for irregular, the more you will get regular?